Thursday, June 10, 2010

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In August, Clint and I actually went on a road trip to see Gretchen and Chad in Newport and at their summer house in New Hampshire.  Kristy flew up for a few days, and all went well.  Clint stayed exhausted, and so did I, but it was a wonderful trip.  I would not take a million dollars for Clint being able to see the New Hampshire house and spend time with his girls.

It would not be until late October when I had to be hospitalized with major depressive disorder.  Clint rallied, and Kristy stayed with him while I got on some meds that made me feel like myself.

When I got home, Clint organized a trip to Sea Island at Deidra’s house for Gretchen and Kristy and me.  He was so determined to get me well.  Over the next few months, things got better and my depression lessened.  

Clint could not bear me being sick.  He reversed roles and began taking care of me - doing laundry (and folding it), blowing off the deck from his wheelchair, making little meals for me.  I have never felt more loved.

It was a bittersweet year, one of great joy and devastating depression, but once again, leaning on one another, we survived.

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