Sunday, June 13, 2010


10/05/09 I sleep with two dogs, a Boxer (Belle) and Lhasa Apso (Honey), so I change my bed every few days. Yesterday, I decided it needed to be to be freshened up, so I began pulling at pillow cases and filling one of them with the rest of the linen. Only, when I began to take off the fitted sheet, there was none. I slept on my bed for 4 or 5 nights, not realizing I was sleeping on the mattress pad instead of a sheet. And it gets better. The day before, I cleaned out my closet, which meant trying on things, most of which were way too small. I took off my glasses so I could pull garments over my head more easily. When the job was done, I slipped my glasses back on my face. Then I washed the linen, what there was it. Late in the morning, while taking the linen out of the dryer, my blue lafont glasses, which were obscenely expensive, dropped out onto the floor. The lenses are not scratched, and they only need to be adjusted slightly in order to fit properly. Apparently, I took them off and put them on the bed while I was changing clothes, and since I have 5 pairs of glasses, I just grabbed a pair from my dresser, not realizing I was rolling up another pair into the bundle of laundry. Distracted?

About having 5 pairs of glasses. I decided several years that if I have to wear something every day of the year, I should have more than one. I don't wear the same underwear every day, or the same shoes or blouse or the same anything. Why wear the same pair of glasses? Why not have several pairs in different colors and styles? Think about it, but don't put any of them through the washer and dryer.

All this talk of beds and eyeglasses is a smoke screen. Cleaning out Clint's closet took a huge toll on me. I thought I could do it, and I did, but it was horrible. Even the thought that his things would go to someone who really needs them didn't make it any easier. Today, I'm going the get the baskets out of the house. That will help some. In the future, I think every time I fill a basket, I am going to take it straight to the trunk of the car, Right now, my room is still full of little pieces of him and of me. I'm going to put them in the car now.

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