Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Few Photos

Robert Clint's son, Gretchen, his younger daughter and Emily, Robert's daughter.  Taken January 2004 on Poppy's 70th birthday.

Don Pettigrew, or "Cuz," as we call him.  Wonderful friend and extremely talented artist.  Taken on Poppy's 70th birthday.

        I takes a moment to see everything in this photo.  Left to right:  Shannon Phillips, Clint's (our) first grandchild and the one who named him Poppy, then Poppy up on an elbow.  Then comes Drew and Abby, Shannon's twins.  Kristy is on the right.   She's Clint's older daughter.  This photo was taken in 2009, on Poppy's 75th birthday.          

Clint and his two girls on Jekyll Island on New Year's Day - can't remember which one.

Our Dog, Belle, sunbathing on the deck.

Honey in New Hampshire 2009



     Poppy in Gretchen's courtyard, August 2008, Newport RI

Addie and me February 2009. She is my biological granddaughter.  My son Parrish is her father. We had a blended family, as they say, and took each other's grandchildren as our own.

At the Barking Crab in Newport.  From left, there's I, Kristy, Gretchen and her boyfriend Chad.  Of course that's Poppy in the chair.


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  1. I have spent the day reading this blog from beginning to end. Your writing and raw emotion have moved me. I will continue to your other blog The Red Sweater. This has really touched me and I wanted to let you know it has helped me look at some things differently. Thank you.


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