Thursday, June 10, 2010

From my journal 03/03/2001


Valentine’s Day

Clint, my husband.  What are the things that endear him to me?  Why do I love him so much?  Why him and not someone else?  Why do I love him more today than I did 24 years ago when we were consumed b the white-hot passion of just discovered desire?  How do I explain, describe the love I have for this man?

In the beginning, there was an animal attraction between us.  I tingled at the thought of him, the mention of his name.  The sight of him literally made me dizzy.  I think back to that time and wonder how I managed to concentrate on work, rising Parrish, anything.  I was either riding the crest of the adrenaline rush that is new love or I was sleeping, recovering, trying to make up for the energy my body was burning through no conscious decision of mine.

No marriage can sustain that early intensity of feeling, physical desire, focused passion.  Or can it?  Maybe not at that level, but ours has never lost the underlying heat - maybe warmth is a better word - of mutual desire, respect, admiration...................

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