Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting There

Getting There
All of the posts from New Hampshire are written from notes I took there. We had no internet access - which was pretty cool

It's a long-ass drive from Macon, GA to Madison, NH. I know this because Kristy and I just arrived at Chad and Gretchen's summer house in the foothills of the White Mountains just in time for sunset. We spent one night on the road, after waiting until past dark to start looking for a place that would take my dogs, Belle an Honey. (I never said we were smart). We ended up in what we lovingly call The Roach Motel in Lauren, MD. I had some of Poppy's ashes in a little porcelain box for Gretchen, but my overnight basket toppled over and spilled a few of them on the floor. We didn't even try to sweep them up, thinking they would surely give the place a little class. We were out of there at 6AM. Kristy did all the driving. (Don't ask me. It's a thing with her, and she refuses to let anyone else drive. I think it's stupid and told her so, but she didn't care). I had some hard moments on the way up. I was flooded with memories of the trips Clint and I took up there. I missed him so, and yes, I shed some tears, tears of sadness for me and tears of joy for Poppy getting up there last year. It made him so proud of Chad and Gretchen buying the place and fixing it up in the authentic style of it's period. The house was built in 1907 by a man named Caruthers, who was a friend of e e cummngs and his brother. There are three structures on the property: the house and two cabins farther up in the woods. It is said that the cummings brothers both did some of their writing in the little cabin, the one farthest from the house. Cool. Chad and Gretchen have the house pretty much done but are still working on the cabins. If they would just put a toilet in the little cabin, I'm afraid they would have to run me off during the summer. When I've been here longer, I'll try to do a better job of describing them. We all sat on the porch with a drink and a cigarette to watch the sun drop behind the White Mountains. In early future, I hope to be able to upload some photos for you all to see.

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