Friday, June 11, 2010

HIghway 80


I decided that the details of my visit in Baton Rouge - except Prentiss’ inexcusable drunken tirade at an Italian restaurant - would just be boring.  The posts I did from there are posted on The Red Sweater.  There is a link to it on this page.  So, on my way home, I decided to do a photo journal.  The trip is Interstate except for a stretch of US-80 between Montgomery, Alabama, and Columbus, Georgia, so all the photos were shot along that two lane road.  I stupidly forgot to take my camera, so I was reduced to using my Blackberry for the photos but felt as though I got some good shots. 

I just tried to sync the photos to my desktop so I could share them with you.  They refused to upload, and the screen on my Blackberry went black.  I’ve done every kind of restart I can think of, but the photos remain on the Blackberry with a black screen.

So, I got out my camera and took a photo of the two little signs I bought at the Hillbilly Yard Sale.  Hopefully, my BB can be fixed without losing my photos and I’ll be able to post them.

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