Sunday, June 13, 2010

No Pain

No Pain = August - 

I woke in so much pain this morning, I took myself to the ER. I knew that if I phoned the MD on call for my back doctor, he would tell me to do the same thing, so I just saved us both a phone call and some time. The pain was sharp and severe. Even moving my head made it worse. The ER folks checked me in quickly, then waited an HOUR to give me anything for the pain. I was in tears when a nurse finally arrived with a syringe in hand. I wanted to punch her. And hour later, there was no change in the pain, but a doctor did come in the room and take a cursory history of this episode and poke my spine in two places and ask if it hurt. Seriously, she asked me if it hurt. "Well, shit, you fucking idiot, if it didn't hurt, I wouldn't be here," I wanted to say. She ordered some x-rays that showed severe arthritis in my hips and back. Compared to the films I had done several months ago, things looked worse. Shit. She gave me an Rx for a muscle relaxer and sent me home, admonishing me about moving furniture without by myself. I found that very helpful. So I left, but not before a nauseatingly chipper woman with her bleached blonde hair pulled neatly into a bun at the nape of her neck collected $150. from me). I dropped by the pharmacy on my way home to get the Rx filled, but there was a problem. The doctor had not written anything on the Rx. Except for the name of the drug, my name and her name, it was blank. I am not making this up. My sweet pharmacist, Ralph, called the ER for clarification and was told that someone would have to call him back. So, I came home to wait for Ralph to call me when he had the meds. I finally called him at 5, and he had not yet gotten his call back. I said I was going to bed and would call him tomorrow morning. I was in such a rage at that point that I think my body was flooded with endorphins. And now I actually feel better. I'm still taking pain pills, but they are working. Holy shit, what an ordeal. It would have been altogether different if Clint had been with me. BUT now I have a place to put my anger, even if only for a while.

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