Sunday, June 13, 2010

Someone Stole my Brain

Someone stole my brain - August

If anybody ever finds this bog, it will be a miracle. Yesterday, I sent multiple emails to my friends, inviting them to visit, only problem is that I sent the WRONG URL. I left out the "s" in blogspot, resulting in blogpot which appears to be some kind of religious site. Cuz called me to see what was going on, and that's how I learned of the error. Then there is the problem of some people not wanting to create a Google account in order to log in. Cuz didn't like that idea and maybe some of the others feel the same way. It's easy to do, free and there is no obligation. I found the blog site through Facebook. Anyway, here I am writing away to what appears to be no readership at all. I have looked around for another site for a blog, but they all seemed more complicated. I guess I'll call Geek Squad. I'm having one of those sleepless nights that I have from time to time, so I made some decaf and knitted on Isabel's Christmas stocking for about an hour. 20 minutes ago, I decided to go out on the deck and smoke a cigarette with my coffee, but I forgot to disarm the security system and set off all the sirens and other noise that go along with it. Where is my brain? I think it may have gone with Clint. Maybe my tears are draining it out of my head. Except for being a dumbass, yesterday was not too bad. I spent most of the day with ice on my knee and watching golf on TV. Deidra left me the sweetest voice message. (I had the ringers turned off on all the phones, so I didn't hear her ring). Yesterday was her anniversary, as well as the anniversary of John's death. She tearfully told me that, for her anniversary, Taylor wrote a big fat check to United Hospice in Poppy's memory. She told me how much she misses Poppy and how much they both loved him. I called her back and said that now that Poppy is gone, Taylor is the best husband in the world. When I realized that it was the anniversary of John's death, I was afraid of a meltdown, but it didn't happen. He's been dead for 9 nears, and I miss him every day of my life, but I didn't dissolve into a puddle of tears. I teared up for a moment, then began to remember all the things I loved about him. I still resent that he had to leave  Lisa alone and Waker and Wil fatherless, but at the same time, I am gratified that they all have done so well. Shit. I just proofread this entry before publishing it. Check out the first sentence of this entry, and you will see that I wrote BOG instead of BLOG. I'm leaving it that way.

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