Thursday, June 10, 2010

From my journal 04/08/96


New Orleans

We said good-bye to NO with a visit to Café du Monde.  We sat in the fresh cool Easter morning and drank café au lait and ate beignets, hot and piled high with powdered sugar that sprinkled itself all over our chins and cheeks and down our shirts.

Last night we had an intimate supper at, of all places, Applebee’s.  Somehow in a bar at a round table surrounded by a room full of people, Clint and I made on of those magic connections that so define our relationship.  We drank wine and ate while we talked about my writing and about Rusty’s death and Parrish’s illness  We shared our feelings in an open and fearless way.  I felt so much a part of my wonderful husband and best friend.  In so many ways, he is the other half of me.  Without him, I’m not complete...........I will destroy myself if I don’t overcome my fear of losing him, a fear brought on by Rusty’s death.  I have a therapist now.

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