Thursday, June 10, 2010

From my Journal 08/15/04

(Auhtor's note:  Rereading these journal entries has been healing for me, and it has also pointed up to me how much I have matured as a writer).

Clint and I did routine things today, errands, housework and stuff like that. I really enjoy keeping my house now that we are retired and Clint is here with me so much of the time.  I don’t even mind ironing and polishing silver now that there is time to do it and there is a friendly face nearby.  Clint spends most of the days he is home out in the yard.  Today he trimmed all the shrubs with his new hedge trimmer.  The back yard still looks like a jungle from his tree-cutting spree on Saturday morning, but he’ll eventually get it all cleared out.

We have such a good life together.  We enjoy each other’s company so much, and in fact, I’d rather be with Clint than anyone else on earth.  He’s just easy to be with.  When I try to describe how I feel about him, I get stuck.  There don’t seem to be words and phrases to do it justice, but I know there are.  I just have trouble coming up with them.  I stood in the bathroom the other morning and watched him shaving.  He’s so tall that we had high countertops installed in the bathroom so he wouldn’t have bend over so far when he shaves and brush his teeth.  He was so focused on the task at hand that he really didn’t notice me studying him until he was almost finished.  He stared intently into the mirror and pulled the razor across his soaped face.  When he shaved his upper lip, he pushed his nose up with the tip of his finger, and when he shaved his neck, he thrust his lower jaw out and tilted his head back.  I loved him so much when he was doing that.  When he did his cheeks, he held his face naturally, then opened his mouth to stretch them out smooth.

Then he noticed me and he smiled, not just with his mouth, but with his eyes, and I knew how much he loved me at that moment.  There we were, standing in the bathroom, him half dressed and with shaving cream on is face, me sweaty and not so well groomed after a workout, making love with our eyes.

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