Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Some Stuff

It's easy for me to get angry these days. I'm still hammering away at old pieces of china, and that does make me feel some better. Now I have something new to be mad about. ( Ann Carol says my anger is some kind of defense mechanism that is keeping me safe, that I'm simply not ready to move on yet).

Today I went for my first physical therapy session for my knee and back, and my brilliant therapist gave me some exercises to do that make my regular yoga practice look like boot camp. No wonder insurance companies don't want to pay for so many things. The idiot therapist did not one thing for me. I kept saying I wanted to get stronger, to have less discomfort to be able to get out and walk for exercise again. He handed me some 1 pound dumbbells and told me to do lateral raises - 2 sets of 15. No shit. He told me to do some twisting exercises and some leg flexion exercises, both of which are incorporated into my yoga practice. Frustrated. That's what I am, not so much angry as frustrated.

The last two days have been good because I have been able to talk myself into doing shitty little jobs around here. Yesterday, I went to the dollar store and bought 10 laundry baskets for $1 each. I have them in my room, and I'm intermittently trying on clothes and sorting the ones I can't get into or just pain don't want any more into the baskets. I can only take it for a limited time, but I'm getting the job done. When I'm done, I will take all the baskets to Salvation Army or Goodwill and give them away - baskets and all.

I've also taken on the job of scanning all my old photos onto my computer so I can save them. I'm taking some of them out of their frames and filing them away, saving the frames for I don't know what. Others I'm putting back in the frames and deciding where I want display them. Each of them has a story to tell, and I'm hoping they will trigger some early memories for me. Some of them make me cry. Others make me smile. My parents were so handsome when they were young.

I just realized how boring this post is. Sometimes it's better to write down nothing.

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