Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dam Ice Cream

09/14/09 Monday - Since about noon on Saturday I have felt as though I were standing on the edge of a bottomless black hole, my toes wrapped around the edge struggling to maintain my balance and not fall in. To fear for one's sanity is a terrible thing, and it has happened to me before. I have overcome it in the past, and I have done it again. This morning I feel like I'm ready to face whatever this day brings.

Later. We three girls went to a cute little town called Meredith and shopped for great stuff for is and others. I ticked 2 Christmas gifts off my list and found some more rusty stuff. There is a Christmas shop there that goes on forever. I've never seen anything like it. There is also a great little shop with all manner of pinwheels. I got a duck for the Ducks. But the best thing I found was a fountain for my living room. I have been jealous of Dr. Fackler's fountain since my first visit, and this one is like its little sister - made of copper leaves that cascade into the pool of water scattered with stones. I had it shipped home.

On the way back we stopped and had ice cream cones at the Dam Ice Cream Shop, located (surprise) at a beautiful dam. The ice cream was divine.

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