Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ready to Go Home

09/17 Tuesday.

A few minutes ago, I pulled a cig out of the box, then opened my bottle of water and held it up to my cig as though to light it ! Beat that! The time has gone by quickly, but I am ready to go home. It will take weeks for me to recover from some of the sadness and other shit that shaped it. I need to release my feelings of hurt. I need to go home and face my empty house. I accept Gretchen's worry and concern without making it more than it is. I have new name for the girls. I call them my stisters - not really step children, but more like friends - good friends. Chad is wonderful - generous and kind and caring- and I am so happy that he and Gretchen have one another. Kristy is the nurturing, mothering figure for all of us, and I love her so much.

See you all in Macon.

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